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The map and time schedules are available for each route on the website and on the RouteShout 2.0 smartphone app. Find the schedule for the route you will be using and the direction you will be traveling. Find your bus stop location where you will be catching the bus. Look at the time schedule to figure out what time you will need to wait for your bus

Help Line:  (530) 642-5383


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El Dorado Transit : 1 (800) 231-2222

Greyhound connects thousands of communities across North America providing convenient and affordable bus travel. You can find ticket prices, up to date bus schedules and bus station information in one place. When you travel you can buy your bus ticket online and keep your ticket on your smartphone, so no need to print it out!

"HangTown Taxi is a locally owned and operated company that cares for the community. We save lives, help the elderly, run tabs for regulars in need, we do everything we can to make your life easier. It's just what we do."

(530) 748-8294

In 1969, California and Nevada legislators agreed to a unique Compact for sharing Lake Tahoe resources/responsibilities. The Tahoe Transportation District facilitates and implements safe, environmentally positive, multi-modal transportation plans, programs and projects for the Lake Tahoe Basin, including transit operations.

(775) 589-5500

Good Samaritan Safe Ride

 (530) 541-7300

The International Good Samaritans Safe Ride Program (a big name idea in a small town) was started to provide teams of sober designated drivers to be on call by beepers (all we had then) to respond to any calls from intoxicated drivers, their friends, or the bartenders who didn’t want their customers to drink and then drive themselves home.

Yellow Cab Company of Lake Tahoe goal is to make our Taxi Transportation so simple to book and easy to use that it’s your first choice for airport transportation in Lake Tahoe. Fewer vehicle miles traveled will preserve our area’s environment. Riding the taxi also gives you the opportunity to relax and enjoy the natural beauty.

(530) 544-5555

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